Limon is a 3D FPS game engine. Main focus of its development is learning. It is not bleeding edge in any sense, but it is a functioning game engine none the less.

It is based on Opengl 3.3 + SDL2, but many other libraries are used.

Latest release can be downloaded here.

Here is the latest video of the engine:

Mayan Map with sound

Features (as of 10 August 2018)

  • Model loading using Assimp
  • Skeletal animations
  • Realtime shadows
  • Rigid body physics
  • 3D spatial sound
  • Preliminary AI
  • In game map editor
  • Trigger volumes
  • API for Custom Trigger code
  • Loading shared libraries that has Trigger code
  • Creating Animations in editor

Features to do

  • There should be some AI
  • Spot lights should be added.
  • Debug draw should be improved
    • needs to have some other debug shapes, like sphere
    • Some cases require a duration
  • For proper handling of opacity, we need to order the objects.
  • object culling? We are rendering everything, which is not feasible on the long run.
  • A file logger should be implemented,